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Medical Injury Care Provider Network (MICPN) believes early diagnosis and treatment is imperative for a successful care plan and recovery from an auto accident or slip and fall injury.  After an injury wound healing begins almost immediately.  Early diagnostic studies assist the physician and the choice, extent, duration, and Type of therapeutic approach.

It is important for testing to be well planned in order to avoid duplication and unnecessary testing expense and exposure.  Early diagnosis is best made by a well-trained Healthcare Professional expert.  If early diagnosis is overlooked, misdiagnosed or occulted the result is prolonged, painful and at times costly experience.  This complicates outcomes and delays in the Patient’s recovery and the Patient’s experience with their Healthcare Providers.

Timeliness of Patient care is of utmost importance, not only for their successful recovery, but also for their Patient Satisfaction scores.  For the sake of the patient, care should be delivered based upon need and not on anything else.  Deformity, discomfort and dollar savings are achieved with time really care.  Care should be prioritized based upon good medical decision-making.

MICPN insists upon early referral to specialists, therapists, and Healthcare Professionals to avoid unnecessary delay in providing quality in the delivery of the optimal care plan for the Patient’s recovery.  Hidden conditions must be recognized, caught and addressed.  Pre-existing conditions aggravated by auto accident or slip and fall injury should not be allowed to worsen and the Patient’s care delivery plan must be aligned to address the newly discovered conditions. 

In the long run timely care saves in expense, time, suffering, pain, and may promote longevity.  MICPN believes in a team approach consisting of all medical multidiscipline of care.  MICPN further believes that starting the comprehensive approach to their care plan must occur as soon as the patient is capable.  MICPN professionals readily do second opinion evaluations and render care including corrective care without regard to the Patient’s insurance plan, prior neglect or capacity to pay.

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