Medical Injury Care 

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Benefits to Hospitals

The Role of the hospital in early care is vital, particularly when medically necessary.  Cost considerations should be weighed against the level of medical care required for early diagnosis and care plan development.  In hospital care is expensive and must to be measured to maintain quality of care.

Emergency Room visits are routine in the early care of the auto accident Patients.  However, the Patient would be best served by calling their Primary Care Physician or a specialist, particularly one on call in the Emergency Room before entering the ER.  ER follow ups are often unnecessary burdensome and expensive. Repeat visits to the ER are less profitable to the hospital and their time could be better served seeing other at risk patients. Before a patient goes for a follow-up visit he or she should call the primary care or treating MD.

The patient has the right to ask for explanations about every single test that his done and every therapeutic intervention that is recommended. We advise that the patient exercise these rights.  Several studies have been done to analyze the cost of hospital inpatient and outpatient care. An important consideration is the remaining insurance benefits after Patient’s hospital bills in order to receive optimum care and treatment plan completion.

If a patient has an obvious severe injury including loss of consciousness or other gross injuries there is no debate over the decision to go to the hospital. Patients with a simple abrasions, strain, contusion as an example, do not need to go to the emergency room. They do not "improve the value of their case "and they are less likely to receive a multi-disciplinary approach to their care at an early stage.

The patient has the right to ask questions relating to their care and treatment after an injury.  Some questions may include:

What is the indication for the test?

How will the result change the treatment?

Will the hospital me to pay if there is no insurance coverage remaining at the end of the day?

Can my regular M.D. order these tests as an outpatient where the cost will be much lower?

Cooperation is always best when seeking to gain an explanation from the institution and it is important to be tactful when dealing with hospital personnel.  Communication is always better initiated in the form of a question.  This is not the time to be argumentative. Document the name of hospital personnel with whom you interact and insist upon the emergency room referring you back to your primary care physician or associate.

Cost containment is important to everyone but not at the expense of quality of care.  Take a look at your hospital bill and understand the charges line by line and the cost of the services and products delivered.  Funds owed to the hospital could influence the amount that you collect when your case settles.