Medical Injury Care 

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Medical Injury Care (MIC) is ​​a network of Physicians, therapists, and healthcare delivery professionals dedicated to the unique needs and requirements of auto accident patients.  Our focus is on delivering the most appropriate Patient care in order for maximum recovery and return to life as before the accident.  We have accumulated a significant knowledge base in our Practice of treating auto accident Patients over the past 20 years.  Our approach to treating the Patient with our healthcare procedures and protocols are all designed for the best outcome for the Patient.  

MIC's long tenure in treating Patients injured in auto accidents has allowed us to  accrue certain business practices in dealing with auto   insurers.  Because of our accrued experience working with auto insurers, we understand the claims flow process necessary to bring the Patient's claim to a successful conclusion.  

Closely associated with the auto insurance companies are the Legal issues related to treating auto accident Patients.  The time consuming obligation of providing depositions, interrogatories, legal discovery and in some cases testimony has made some Physicians tentative to accepting auto accident Patients.  MIC assumes this obligation of its Provider Network Physicians, freeing them to focus totally on providing the best care for the Patient.  This MIC capability finally eliminates a significant barrier for Physicians to treat auto accident Patients they routinely refer to another provider or reject altogether.

The MIC Provider Network has multidisciplinary Physicians in the necessary practices to accept auto accident Patient referrals from the Primary Care Physicians, thereby providing the continuity of care to ensure the best possible outcome for the Patient's recovery.

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